Effective Strategies for Chinese Composition Writing (P3 - P5)

Date : 7 Apr 2018, 9am - 12pm    |     Venue : Times Centre

Fees : Parents : $35

Parent Workshop

Effective Strategies for Chinese Composition Writing (P3 - P5)

Jump-start the creative thinking process and make writing in the Chinese enjoyable for your child. In this 3-hour workshop, we will discuss:

  1. The transition between composition formats
  2. Overcoming the challenges faced when writing a piece of Chinese composition
  3. Understanding what the teachers are looking for in your child's writing
  4. Ways to strengthen your child's writing skills
  5. Strategies to get the most marks out of Chinese composition writing
  6. How to prepare your child to write according to the Chinese composition format


  1. 如何从看图写话到四幅图写作的过渡
  2. 在写作时会遇到的问题
  3. 老师对作文的评分标准
  4. 提高写作能力的方法
  5. 作文拿到高分的技巧
  6. 如何为孩子做好从四幅图到六幅图写作的准备
  7. 家长和孩子将通过参与活动得到实践


  • Materials will be provided

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