Heuristics explained for the intermediate and advanced learners

Date : 27 May 2017    |     Venue : Times Centre

Fees : Parents : $85

One of the learning outcomes of the Singapore Mathematics curriculum is to develop one’s logical thinking and ability to solve complex problems. Heuristics, a set of 13 problem-solving rules do exactly that! They help us discover the best and most practical ways to solve problems and the more students use these processes, they better they get at solving problems. Sign up for this workshop and learn:

  • The relevance and use of the four categories of heuristics in solving problems, namely:
    1. Giving a representation in the form of diagrams, lists and equations.
    2. Making a calculated guess, in the form of guess and check, looking for patterns and making suppositions.
    3. Going through the process such as acting it out, working backwards and before-after.
    4. Changing the problemby restating, simplifying and/or solving part of the problem.
  • Which heuristics can be used specifically for which types of problems
  • Common mistakes made by students in using heuristics to solve Maths problems.


  1. Workshop is from 9am to 3.30pm
  2. Materials and lunch will be provided
  3. Suitable for parents of P1 - P4 students

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