Strengthening Science Process Skills (P3 & P4)

Date : 10 March 2018, 1pm - 4pm    |     Venue : Times Centre

Fees : Parents : $35

Workshop for Parents

Strengthening Science Process Skills (P3 & P4) 

Memorising facts from textbooks and guidebooks – we know this is not going to give your child the edge towards answering those higher-level exam questions that are based on experimental designs and applications. The key to mastering the art and science of answering these questions lies in becoming proficient in process skills and using these to answer questions. Attend our workshop and learn more about:

  • The Primary Science Syllabus and latest assessment format
  • Basic process skills such as observing, comparing, classifying and inferring
  • Integrated process skills used in conducting experiments are essential to the successful learning of scientific concepts and in correctly interpreting and answering Science exam questions
  • Linking these processes to Science concepts taught within the curriculum
  • Strategies to answer questions effectively and gain maximum marks
  • Enjoying science in daily life with your child and hone science process skill along the way


  1. Materials will be provided
  2. Suitable for parents of P3 & P4 students

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