One Child, One Book - MCE's Annual Book Donation Exercise

 23 Jul 2018
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One Book, One Child

Marshall Cavendish Education Kickstarts Annual Book Donation Exercise at Jurong, Marine Parade and Pasir-Ris Punggol GRCs

SINGAPORE, 23 July 2018 – Marshall Cavendish Education, a leading educational solutions provider, kickstarts its annual book donation initiatives at three GRCs in Singapore, pledging to donate over 8,000 books to local GRC communities and non-profit organisations by the end of 2018.

Marshall Cavendish Education has teamed up with One Dream, an all-volunteer non-profit organisation which works with charities such as Beyond Social Services to provide textbooks and guidebooks to children and youths from less privileged backgrounds.

Titled “One Child, One Book”, this project symbolises Marshall Cavendish Education’s ongoing commitment in giving back to society by donating learning materials to children from low-income families.

Ms. Lee Fei Chen, Head of Publishing of Marshall Cavendish Publishing Group, said in a recent interview, “There is no greater gift than the gift of education. Marshall Cavendish Education believes that children all over the world, regardless of their circumstances, should be given that gift. The One Child, One Book project is an initial, but pivotal step towards helping underprivileged children and youths. They are the next generation who will be contributing to the world, and we are proud to be able to support them in achieving that. It has always been imperative for us to promote literacy and inspire learning in young learners. We want to empower each and every child, regardless of their backgrounds”.

“One Dream’s vision is to see every citizen, their loved ones and communities enjoy greater economic, emotional, experiential and evaluative well-being and success, hence developing stronger citizen energy and deeper citizen engagement along life’s journey,” shared Peter Ong, Managing Partner of Rested Edge Advisory and Overall Leader for One Dream. “We are very thankful for the ongoing support extended by Marshall Cavendish Education over these years. It is very gratifying to see that we are making a difference in the lives of children and youths in this One Child, One Book project.”

These community outreach programmes have been part of Marshall Cavendish Education Outreach programme. The organisation has also sponsored ElShaddai Refugee Learning Centre (ERLC) in Klang, Malaysia with My Pals are Here! Textbooks and workbooks. ERLC has been endorsed by UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) to provide education for refugee children from countries like Myanmar, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

About Marshall Cavendish Education

A subsidiary of Times Publishing Limited, Marshall Cavendish Education is the leading provider of distinctive K–12 educational solutions in Singapore and around the world. For 60 years, Marshall Cavendish Education has developed quality, comprehensive educational publications in multiple languages used in over 70 countries.

Headquartered in Singapore, Marshall Cavendish Education has offices in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Chile and the United States. The brand is recognised worldwide for its work in ensuring excellent educational standards and for continuously raising the quality of learning around the world through innovation, and inspiring students and educators to teach and learn more effectively.

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