Marshall Cavendish Education Announces Partnership with Koobits to Bring Tripartite Support to Primary Maths Education Globally

 11 Nov 2019
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Singapore, 11 November 2019 – Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE) announces its latest strategic partnership with Singapore-grown EdTech developer, Koobits, to distribute its successful primary maths EdTech solution to global markets.

In the education landscape today, technology plays a big part in teaching and learning, and it continues to grow in importance. As part of the partnership, MCE will bring to the table its existing and newly developed content, integrated with the Koobits platform, and the distribution network built in its 60 years of business in educational solutions.

“The generation of learners today are vastly different from before. The learning habits have changed and hence teaching methods have followed suit. Similarly, parents are more discerning and involved in the children’s learning journey. Koobits has built a platform that addresses these critical needs and the evolution of this tripartite relationship.” shared Mr Yeoh Cheng Poh, General Manager, Commercial, of Marshall Cavendish Education.

Koobits offers an extensive library of questions with varying levels of difficulty to cater to different student needs. The online tutorial videos, suitable for both home and school use, follow the Model Method which is a staple of maths education in Singapore. Its effective use of similar mechanics found in games has also ensured active usage amongst students is consistently high.

“It’s a lot of work to provide differentiated learning in a class of varying abilities, so we put in features to make it easier for teachers. We encourage student learning through gamification; and we equip parents for a bigger role in home learning. With the partnership, Koobits will enjoy a boost in content and reach in industry networks and we are very excited about it,” says Mr Aaron Chua, Sales Director of Koobits.

While Koobits only offers maths on its digital platform currently, this may change in the future. MCE has published numerous titles and series in the markets locally and overseas, including various textbooks for multiple subjects that have been approved for use in the Singapore schools.

*Selected territories only. Singapore, Philippines, and Indonesia are not included for distribution by MCE.


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