What is included in the BSfS programme & what values does it bring? 

The programme consists of 3 elements: the survey, the report and importantly, the recommendations.

How it works 


  • The BSfS surveys teachers, students, school leaders, school governors, non-teachers, and parents and carers to collect information and data on all the key aspects of a school’s policies, programs and practices. 
  • The surveys explore the important aspects of the school by seeking advice from all the critical stakeholder groups – those who know the school best. It then compares those policies, programs and practices against a rich reference-base of international research, literature and best practice. 
  • The surveys cover the five broad domains of
    • School Environment
    • School Leadership
    • Teaching and Learning
    • Success and Equity & 
    • The Use of Technology 
      (with multiple sub-domains within each) 
  • It also includes a comprehensive set of indicators which are used to guide the evaluation of school performance across these domains and sub-domains.



  • Each school receives a  comprehensive, multi-part report on the findings of the surveys.
  • The report is s are fully automated and can be downloaded from Marshall Cavendish Education’s BSfS portal.
  • The reports
    • explores two dimensions of school performance
      • The extent to which the school’s policies, programs and practices align with international best practice &
      • The extent of agreement between the stakeholder groups on the various aspects of the school explored through the surveys.
    • are is arranged in descending order from the high-level, snap-shot view of the domains and levels of agreement down to more detailed information provided at the level of the indicators.


An invaluable feature of the BSfS is that it provides schools with detailed recommendations on what they can do to improve their policies, programs and practices, based on the survey findings. That is, the BSfS provides specific, relevant and practical advice to the school on all areas surveyed. This creates a vast and rich base upon which to plan improvement strategies.


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