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Teacher's Resource Audio CD
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This set of CDs contains recordings of all reading, listening and phonics texts, word lists in the Textbooks and comprehension texts in the Workbooks. The recordings are: • Made in Standard International English, to provide reference for good pronunciation and diction, enabling teachers to deliver lessons confidently. • A chance to extend exposure to good English outside the classroom and allow parents to participate and practise with their children.

Author: Judy Ling, Anne Smith
ISBN: 9780462006369

Grammar Practice
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These books provide pupils with valuable examination practice. The tests and examination papers help pupils to revise and reinforce the comprehension skills, grammar and vocabulary items covered in Textbooks.

Author: Lim Geok Choo
ISBN: 9780462006598

Teacher's Guide
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This series makes the learning of English fun and rewarding while helping pupils become confident users of English. It contains: • A seamlessly integrated learning and teaching solution for different needs. • Models and frames to scaffold and reinforce learning of text types, English grammar and language skills. • A communicative approach that uses authentic tasks commonly found in interpersonal, social and cultural situations/encounters. • Diversified themes and vocabulary from various subjects including Science and Mathematics to enable cross-curriculum learning. • Challenging activities to promote the development of higher order creative and critical thinking skills • Content that is compatible with most international and schoolbased examinations.

Author: Judy Ling, Anne Smith
ISBN: 9780462008684

This series comprises:
Core CurriculumTextbook,   Workbook
Teacher's ResourcesTeacher's Guide,   Teacher's Resource Audio CD
Supporting MaterialsGrammar Practice,   Homework,   Tests

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