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The Problem-solving with Heuristics series covers all possible heuristics for every topic, stating the conditions for the use of each heuristics clearly. Organised by topics, this series gives ample examples and practice to help pupils master the skill of using appropriate problem-solving strategies to solve mathematical problems.

Comprehensive worked examples, coupled with step-by-step solutions, give pupils a deep understanding of the heuristics covered and the necessary skills to apply them appropriately. This section is followed by a set of practice questions or pupils to apply their learning and assess their understanding of the heuristics taught. 

Through the structure above, it is hoped that pupils will learn progressively and become confident problem-solvers. Educators may also find this series a valuable resource for teaching heuristics in the classroom.

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Features of the books:
4-step approach to problem-solving is provided for each selected heuristic, guiding pupils through the problem-solving process
“When to Use It” provides an overview of the various scenarios where pupils can apply the heuristics 
Alternative solutions using other heuristics, where applicable, provides pupils with a clear understanding of heuristics and how they can be applied them to solve word problems effectively
Practice questions present pupils opportunities to apply the heuristic learnt and build their confidence

Author: Susan Chan
ISBN: 9789814661294

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