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  • 紧扣所有课文,共8个练习和2个复习
  • 每个练习都附有复习表,方便学生复习与巩固所学
  • 生动有趣的漫画人物贯穿所有练习和游戏,趣味性和互动性强
  • 每个练习均有家庭活动项目,增添学习乐趣、促进学生与家人的互动
  • 每个练习附有正式的听力练习,出题格式、排版和录音形式与校内的听力考试相一致

About the Book: 

Easy Steps to Chinese is a new series of enrichment exercises developed in line with the new 2015 Singapore Ministry of Education Primary Chinese language syllabus.


  • Contains 8 practice units and 2 revision units that correspond to the Huanle Huoban textbook
  • Revision table at the beginning of each practice unit consolidates learning
  • Lively comic characters interspersed throughout practices and activities make learning fun and interactive
  • A “family activity” segment in every unit encourages parental involvement
  • Every unit comes with a practice on listening comprehension, set in exam format

Download Resources for Listening Comprehension (听力练习): 

  • Audio Recordings (录音)
  • Listening Comprehension Answers (听力练习答案)

ISBN: 9789813166097

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