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To build a strong foundation in the Chinese language, it is best to start from a young age. Fun Chinese Picture Dictionary helps Primary 1 pupils expand their vocabulary whilst making Chinese language learning fun and easy. Approximately 600 commonly used nouns from more than 50 daily-life settings are documented pictorially in the book, pupils are able to pick up new vocabulary and related words such as measure words, collective nouns, or verbs from these familiar settings to extend learning. The book includes vocabulary from the latest Chinese Language Textbook for Primary Schools (Singapore). With the purchase of the picture dictionary, parents can download a free mobile application* that allows them to review the vocabulary in the book with their children. Through colourful animations and clear audio support, the mobile application engages pupils and makes learning meaningful and effective. 

*App is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. 


*用户可在App Store与Google Play下载应用程序。

ISBN: 9789810129774

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