New Primary Essentials series english assessment book
New Primary Essentials Listening Comprehension and Oral is developed by leading educators, Dr Cheah Yin Mee and Tan See Keen. Varied practice exercises ensure that pupils will learn how to approach different oral and listening tasks systematically to achieve optimal results. Teachers, parents and pupils will gain a better understanding of the oral and listening skills expected at primary levels.

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Oral and listening assessment book

The Speak and Listen with Confidence series aims to develop and sharpen oral and listening comprehension skills. Exercises and activities are designed to be interactive as well as progressively challenging to equip pupils with skills to excel in their oral and listening examinations. These activities also encourage creativity and inspire confidence in pupils. Mock examinations are also included to further facilitate critical thinking. It is an excellent resource for exam revisions as it helps to improve and maximise overall communication by targeting speaking and listening skills.

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English PSLE Revision Guide 2nd Edition

Marshall Cavendish Listening Comprehension and Oral




The English PSLE Revision Guide (2nd Edition) is specially written to help pupils improve their English language skills. The user-friendly book allows them to recall lessons learnt in primary school for the specific purpose of taking the PSLE. It is designed to help pupils prepare for the PSLE in an effective and strategic manner.

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Marshall Cavendish English Listening Comprehension and Oral series provides pupils with the opportunity to practice and hone their listening and oral skills with eight practice units each. Each practice unit includes a Reading Aloud and a Stimulus-based Conversation section which are broadly linked by a theme, giving pupils ample practice to improve oral competency.

Tips and prompts provide useful guidelines to help pupils. Audio recordings based on the examination format of the listening activities are provided online to simulate examination conditions. Detachable listening scripts are provided for a convenient reference.

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Count Down to Primary English Exams provides pupils with comprehensive practice to prepare them for the English exam.

This book comprises:
Section 1: 4 sets of Oral Communication
Section 2: 4 sets of Listening Comprehension
Section 3: 8 sets of Writing 
Section 4: 8 sets of Language Use and Comprehension

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Easy Steps to Chinese is a new series of enrichment exercises developed in line with the new 2015 Singapore Ministry of Education Primary Chinese language syllabus.


  • Contains 8 practice units and 2 revision units that correspond to the Huanle Huoban textbook
  • Revision table at the beginning of each practice unit consolidates learning
  • Lively comic characters interspersed throughout practices and activities make learning fun and interactive
  • A “family activity” segment in every unit encourages parental involvement
  • Every unit comes with a practice on listening comprehension, set in exam format

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Grammar Rules! is based on the award-winning series Grammar Rules! 2nd Edition by Macmillan Science and Education Australia Pty Ltd.

Grammar Rules! provides a context-based approach, demonstrating how grammar works at the word, sentence and text levels to communicate and make meaning. Students learn about grammatical structures for different types of texts, purposes and audiences. They also learn how to use grammar knowledge when responding to texts and constructing their own texts.

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Exam Practice Secondary 1

Distinction in Maths assessment book

The English Exam Practice prepares students for their examinations through eight full sets of examination papers and grammar exercises. For Secondary 1 and 2, each set of practice papers covers a specific theme, such as Social Media, Sports or the Environment. This thematic approach exposes students to various issues and their related vocabulary..

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Distinction in Mathematics: Tests and Examinations is specially designed to help students achieve mastery in mathematics and develop the skills to score in examinations. 

Features of the series include:

  • Topical test papers and examination papers for students to develop their fluency and build their  examination confidence
  • Checklist of learning objectives at the end of every test paper allows students to keep track of their progress 
  • One More Like This questions, found in the answer section of this book, provide students with more practice on specific types of questions

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