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A Comprehensive Lab Kit for Children to Explore Science Experiment at Home!

Why is LabX Adventure Kit so useful for children?

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Multi-Sensory Experience 

  • Promote Effective Learning and Retention of Information
  • Encourage Inquiry-based Learning
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Prepare for the Future World

  • Enhance Critical Thinking Skills and Nurture Independent Learners
  • Develop Scientific Process Skills such as Observation, Comparison, Inference
  • Relate Biotechnology to the Real World
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  • Portable
  • Easy to Use

What Experiments are Available for Children to Do at Home?

LabX Our Heartbeat - 200x200

Our Heartbeat

Learn about the anatomy and function of the heart by modelling your own circulatory system.

LabX Personal Hygiene  

Personal Hygiene and Bacteria

Grow bacteria samples from different objects to learn about the importance of personal hygiene.

LabX Bioshpere 


Learn about ecosystems and the pH of various things around you. Make your own pH bubble indicators!

LabX Brain Injury 

Brain Injury

Learn about the anatomy of brain. Design your own helmet to protect your model brain.

LabX Edible Water Bottle 

Edible Water Bottle

Make your own edible water bottle and learn about ways to help and preserve the environment.

LabX DIY Biofuel 

DIY Biofuel

Make your own biofuel and learn about alternative energy sources to traditional fossil fuels.

LabX Solar Oven 

Solar Oven

Design and build your own solar oven and test it by baking your favourite snacks.

LabX Soft Robotics  

Soft Robotics

Learn about the current options for prosthetic arms. Design your own flexible prosthetic.

LabX Osmosis 

Osmosis and Sewage Treatment

Learn about how reverse osmosis membranes play a role in sewage water reclamation.

LabX DIY Microscope 

DIY Microscope

Make your own portable microscope and explore the world.

LabX Microfluidics 

Paper Science and Microfluidics 

Find out about Microfluidics technology and make your own microfluidic device on paper.

LabX Oil Spills 

Oil Spills

Experiment how to remove oil from the surface of water.

LabX neuroscience 


Learn about communication path between our eyes, brains and muscle, and how it affects our reaction time.

LabX Agriculture in Outer Space 

Agriculture in Outer Space

Experiment with germination and find out the factors affected when growing seeds in sub-zero gravity.

LabX Mystery Matters

Mystery Matter

Create a material that can act as both solid and liquid, then predict the factors which affect these state changes.

LabX DNA Extraction 

DNA Extraction

Get a sense of what DNA is and visualise it by extracting it from a fruit.

LabX Exercise and Carbon Dioxide 

Exercise and Carbon Dioxide

Measure the effect of exercise on your level of CO2 production.

LabX Lungs on Chips 

Lungs on Chip

Design your own microfluidic device to mimic the lung system.

What is included in the LabX Adventure Kit and Access card?

LabX Adventure Kit

The LabX Adventure kits consist of various apparatus for children to embark on 18 cleverly curated experiments. The kits consist of various items such as:

  • Beaker
  • Test Tubes
  • Pipette
  • Bottles
  • and many more apparatus required for experiments

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LabX Experiment

The LabX Access Card consist of a 1-year subscription per experiment. The access card consist of:

  • 1-year subscription
  • Resource List for Experiment
  • Worksheets
  • Explanation to the Experimen
  • and many more!

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