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Written by the former Head of Department of Primary Mathematics and member of author team of My Pals are Here Maths (3rd Edition) Pupil’s Book, Ms Bernice Lau Pui Wah brings to all pupils this brand new series.

Having written various books since 1997, including Problem Solving Beyond Classroom, a series that is widely adopted by schools, Bernice understands the importance of scaffolding in helping pupils construct knowledge and learn efficiently.

As such, this series is designed using 3 sections to help pupils familiarize themselves with the mathematical concepts and to attain proficiency.

Features of the books:
• What You Must Know provides worked examples to help strengthen pupils’ conceptual understanding and builds their confidence through practice on multiple-choice and short-answer questions.
• Apply What You Know guides pupils through
a 4-step problem-solving process and provides them with opportunities to solve word problems using the introduced strategy.
• Extend What You Know deepens pupils’ learning and stretches their thinking through challenging word problems and detailed solutions
• Revision Paper develops exam-readiness in pupils.

Author: Bernice Lau Pui Wah
ISBN: 9789814426930

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