MCE Cambridge IGCSE™ Mathematics

MCE Cambridge IGCSE™ Mathematics Core & Extended
MCE Cambridge IGCSE™ & O Level Additional Mathematics

Developed based on proven pedagogies and approaches, these series engage learner in motivating and meaningful learning experiences to help them to explore mathematical concepts and construct understanding better. It also adopts the idea of "slow-thinking" to provide students with sufficient time and opportunities to inquire and understand the why, instead of just the what and how behind the Mathematical definitions and concepts.

Both series come with complementary Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning tools* that allows learners to progress independently with personalised learning pathways.

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Supports the full:
• Cambridge IGCSE and IGCSE (9-1) Mathematics syllabuses (0580/0980)
• Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Additional Maths syllabuses (0606/4037) 
for examination from 2025

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Developed by subject experts

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For Cambridge schools worldwide

Series Architecture

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Student’s Book

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Teacher's Guide

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Additional Digital Resources*

*These resources will not go through the Cambridge International Education endorsement process.


The Student’s Book provides learners with explanation of mathematical concepts, and engages them in motivating and meaningful learning experiences to succeed in mathematics. It also encourages inquiry-based learning and helps learners develop 21st century competencies so that they are future-ready.

artificial intelligence
Contains links to an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that aids in
differentiated learning.*
review checklist
Checks learners’ understanding through Review Checklist.
guided relatable activities
New mathematical ideas are introduced with guided relatable activities.


The Workbook provides reinforcement of concepts covered in the Student’s Book and builds exam readiness through cumulative reviews. Learners will be provided with opportunities to apply new concepts and skills learnt in real-world contexts that will help them to succeed in mathematics.

critical thinking
Encourages group work, critical thinking, and inquiry-based knowledge building through Fun with Maths.
mathematical problem-solving
Develops mathematical problem-solving and critical thinking skills through advanced questions in Further Exercises.
revision exercise
Offers revision exercises to evaluate learners' understanding of all the mathematical concepts.


The teacher’s planning guide provides teachers with not only various teaching ideas and strategies but also additional resources to equip them adequately to address teaching and learning needs.

stimulate discussion and check understanding
Warm-up and wrap-up activities provided to stimulate discussion and check understanding.
teaching strategies
Step-by-step lesson plans and teaching strategies to support educators.
scheme of work
Scheme of Work to help educators facilitate lesson preparation with an overview of each chapter and the resources available.


  • Annotatable eBooks
  • Worked Solutions
  • Question Bank
  • AI-driven with Personalised Learning Pathways
  • Editable Resources:
    1. SOWs
    2. Lesson Plans
*These resources will not go through the Cambridge International Education endorsement process.

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cambridge igcse core and extended student book

Student’s Book

ISBN: 9789814913065

cambridge igcse core and extended workbook


ISBN: 9789814913072
cambridge igcse core and extended teachers guide

Teacher's Guide

ISBN: 9789814913089
cambridge igcse additional maths students book

Student’s Book

cambridge igcse additional maths workbook


ISBN: 9789814913102
cambridge igcse additional maths teachers guide

Teacher's Guide

ISBN: 9789814913119

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