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MCE Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Lower Secondary, and Cambridge IGCSE™ series

Designed to help every Cambridge learner to succeed, regardless of English language proficiency. It has been through a rigorous quality assurance process suitable for Cambridge learners.

Look out for the above logo on the front covers of our endorsed resources. All endorsed resources have been through a detailed quality assurance process, therefore you can be confident that all the learning objectives of the curriculum frameworks and syllabuses have been covered.

Beyond Basics, Reset Education

Our global post-pandemic initiative, Beyond Basics, Reset Education, empowers and supports educators in rolling out effective remote or hybrid learning solutions, ensuring students are prepared and geared for success with Cambridge International Education.


MCE Cambridge Primary and Cambridge IGCSE™ series MCE Advantage
Learning content that balances Asian and Western approaches to support students to become global citizens.
MCE Cambridge Primary and Cambridge IGCSE™ series MCE ADVANTAGE 2
Beyond just theory, building students 21st century skill sets such as resilience, communication and critical thinking skills through hands-on activities and self-directed learning.
MCE Cambridge Primary and Cambridge IGCSE™ series MCE ADVANTAGE 3
Supports educators in a post-pandemic learning environment by equipping them with the necessary resources for remote or hybrid learning, including our newly launched Educator Development Portal with 24/7 virtual learning support.

Our Resources

Appropriate for Cambridge learners.

Primary Level
Grades 1 to 6 | Ages 7 to 12

Secondary Level
Grades 10 to 11 | Ages 15 to 17

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