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MCE Cambridge Lower Secondary International English

*We are working with Cambridge International Education towards endorsement of this series*

Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge Lower Secondary International English

The Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge Lower Secondary International English series is designed for Stages 7, 8 and 9 and aligned to the Cambridge Lower Secondary English as a Second Language curriculum framework (0876). The series combines the Cambridge curriculum framework with the Singapore approach and is designed to provide a blended programme offering real-life contextual learning to develop confident users of English.

Supports the full Cambridge Lower Secondary English as a Second Language curriculum framework (0876)

Has passed Cambridge’s rigorous quality-assurance process

Developed by subject experts

For Cambridge schools worldwide

Series Architecture

Student's Book Stages 7-9

Workbook Stages 7-9

Teacher's Guide Stages 7-9

Digital Resources*

*These resources will not go through the Cambridge International Education endorsement process.


The student book is written with a strategic approach to facilitate the all-round development of the necessary skills to improve the language abilities of students.

Cambridge Lower Sec English_Icon 1 (Student's Book)
Unit Openers introduce key ideas, activate prior knowledge, and kick-start class discussion through speaking activities.
Cambridge Lower Sec English_Icon 2 (Student's Book)
Students are provided with a myriad of contextualised opportunities to contribute ideas, reason and think critically, reflect, and develop important life skills.
Theme-based projects foster collaboration, personalisation, and development of other life-long skills including Content Language and Integrated Learning (CLIL).


The workbook builds on content taught in the Student’s Book to provide students with further opportunities to practice and consolidate their language skills.

Cambridge Lower Sec English_Icon 4 (Workbook)
A variety of exercises are provided for extra practice, to reinforce language skills, grammar, and vocabulary covered in the unit.
Cambridge Lower Sec English_Icon 5 (Workbook)
Visuals used allow learners to make tangible connections between learning on the page and real-world contexts.
Cambridge Lower Sec English_Icon 6 (Workbook)
Balance between vocabulary, reading, and language focus ensures a strong foundation is established before new content is introduced.


The myriad of resources available guides educators in catering to the different learning needs of their students, as well as empowers them to plan and deliver effective and engaging lessons.

The unit overview helps teachers in lesson preparation by outlining all the learning objectives in the unit.
The editable lesson notes provide warm-up and lesson ideas with prompts for differentiated instructions to help teachers deliver lessons effectively and efficiently with minimal preparation.
Suggested answers are provided for quick and easy reference. Values are also highlighted in the lesson notes to aid teachers in the teaching of Social and Emotional skills.


This comprehensive solution caters for various learning and teaching scenarios. Apart from classroom lesson delivery, teachers can elect to conduct online or hybrid lessons without any disruptions.

Cambridge Lower Sec English_Icon 10 (Digital Resources)
AI platform with speaking and pronunciation assessments for students to practice according to CEFR standards, help them become confident speakers.
Cambridge Lower Sec English_Icon 11 (Digital Resources)
Videos and audio clips linked to lessons are retrievable by scanning with various mobile devices.
Cambridge Lower Sec English_Icon 12 (Digital Resources)
Students and teachers have access to annotatable eBooks for note-taking, downloadable editable lesson plans and SOWs and suggested answers to all questions.

*These resources will not go through the Cambridge International Education endorsement process.

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Cambridge Low Sec Int Eng SB

Student’s Book

Stage 7 ISBN: 9789815089721
Stage 8 ISBN: 9789815089738
Stage 9 ISBN: 9789815089745
Cambridge Low Sec Int Eng WB


Stage 7 ISBN: 9789815089752
Stage 8 ISBN: 9789815089776
Stage 9 ISBN: 9789815089769
Cambridge Low Sec Int Eng TG

Teacher's Guide

Stage 7 ISBN: 9789815089790
Stage 8 ISBN: 9789815089783
Stage 9 ISBN: 9789815089806

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