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MCE Cambridge Lower Secondary Maths

*We are working with Cambridge Assessment International Education towards endorsement of this series*

MCE Cambridge Lower Secondary Mathematics

The series is aligned to the Cambridge Lower Secondary Mathematics curriculum framework (0862). While the series is fully aligned to the Cambridge curriculum framework, the pedagogies and teaching practices follow those used in Singapore which is one of the top performing countries in international assessments such as TIMSS and PISA.

Using comics, it emphasises on the development of students’ conceptual understanding and procedural skills which enable them to achieve mathematical mastery.

Supports the full Cambridge Lower Secondary Mathematics curriculum framework (0862)

Has passed Cambridge International’s rigorous quality-assurance process

Developed by subject experts

For Cambridge schools worldwide

Series Architecture

Student’s Book Stages 7-9

Workbook Stages 7-9

Teacher’s Guide Stages 7-9


*These resources will not go through the Cambridge International endorsement process.


It incorporates comics to bridge the gap between abstract Maths concepts and real-world contexts to enable students to appreciate and understand the application of Maths in such instances.

Lower Secondary Math Icons-01
Use of comics to enhance student’s learning for the development of 21st century competencies in the mathematics classroom.
Lower Secondary Math Icons-02
Includes self-assessment checklist for students to evaluate and monitor their mastery of the Maths concepts and skills.
Lower Secondary Math Icons-03
Provides opportunities for students to interpret, discuss and explain their rationale to their peers and teacher which are prompted in DISCUSS.


Learning activities provide students opportunities to apply and reinforce their conceptual understanding and hone their 21st century skills.

Lower Secondary Math Icons-04
Exercise questions are designed to correspond to the Student's Book and provides further practice for students to reinforce their conceptual understanding and master the concepts.
Lower Secondary Math Icons-05
Non-routine questions provide extension for students to deeply explore mathematical concepts.
Lower Secondary Math Icons-06
Thinking and Working Mathematically (TWM) skills are integrated in the activities to reinforce the eight characteristics of TWM.


Our suite of teaching resources allows for flexibility and customisation depending on the needs of the students with the aim to help teachers save their time in lesson preparation.

Lower Secondary Math Icons-07
Consists of question banks, worked solutions, editable SOWs and lesson plans which are downloadable.
Lower Secondary Math Icons-08
Access to AI-driven personalised digital assessment that will help teacher to autograde, feedback, monitor and track student’s progress.
Lower Secondary Math Icons-09
Editable lesson plans provide teachers with lesson suggestions, ideas for differentiated instructions, notes on TWM to facilitate discussions and ensure practice, and highlight common misconceptions.


  • eBooks
  • Downloadable SOWs in Word
  • Question Bank for each chapter in Word
  • Student eBook
  • AI-driven Personalised Digital Assessment
  • Virtual Manipulatives (VM)

*These resources will not go through the Cambridge International endorsement process.

Browse samples of our books

Lower Secondary Maths - Student Book

Student Book ISBNs

SB1: 9789815090390
SB2: 9789815090406
SB3: 9789815090413
Lower Secondary Maths - Workbook

Workbook ISBNs

WB1: 9789815090420
WB2: 9789815090437
WB3: 9789815090444
Lower Secondary Maths - Teacher's Guide

Teacher's Guide ISBNs

TG1: 9789815090451
TG2: 9789815090468
TG3: 9789815090475

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