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MCE Cambridge Primary International English

Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE) Cambridge Primary International English

The series is aligned to the new Cambridge Primary English as a Second Language curriculum framework (0057). The series combines tried-and tested methodologies alongside more recent practices, placing stories at the heart of the learning. It follows an active learning approach, with plentiful opportunities for singing, rhymes, role play and projects.

Supports the full Cambridge Primary English as a Second Language curriculum framework (0057)

Has passed Cambridge International’s rigorous quality-assurance process

Developed by subject experts

For Cambridge schools worldwide

Series Architecture

Student’s Book Stages 1-6

Activity Book Stages 1-6

Teacher’s Guide Stages 1-6


*These resources will not go through the Cambridge International endorsement process.


The stories and texts in the student’s book spark learners' curiosity, reduce learning anxiety, motivate learners to learn, provide context for their learning and ensure that language practice is meaningful. They are supported by rich visuals, to captivate learners' interest and to support understanding.

student book 1
For maximum visual appeal, the contents are presented in various way such as story, non-fiction text, songs and rhymes to keep young learners motivated and fully engaged.
student book 2
It focuses on building vocabulary and grammar with the ‘Word Bird’ and ‘Grammar Gorilla’ icons to remind and reinforce what they’ve learnt or to introduce them to something new.
student book 3
Incorporates Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and values for learners to reflect, give opinions and preferences, and share ideas or experiences.


It includes fun and personalised activities that make learning ESL meaningful and engaging for young learners.

activity book 1
Comes with a wide range of activities that enable learners to use and practise their language in a variety of contexts.
activity book 2
Includes activities such as the topic on hobbies to allow young learners to give personalised answers which will help to engage and motivate them.
activity book 3
Specially designed sheets of colourful stickers which can be used to complete activities, to make learning fun and enjoyable.


The guide is designed to provide strong and extensive support to teach in a hybrid learning environment. It includes a digital suite*, and a wide range of professional development and teaching resources.

teacher's guide 1
The ‘How to Use’ section walks teachers through the layout and features of the series.
teacher's guide 2
Step-by-step lesson notes support teachers in delivering the lesson through a clear and easy-to-understand approach.
teacher's guide 3
Includes photocopiable Blackline Masters (BLMs) such as blank writing frames, templates and tables, flashcards, visuals to support lesson delivery.


  • Enhanced eBooks (Annotatable and with links to the MCE Cambridge App to launch audio and digital content)
  • School-to-Home Notes
  • Marker Recognition Technology
  • Editable Lesson Plans

*These resources will not go through the Cambridge International endorsement process.

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Student's Book

Student’s Book

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Activity Book

Activity Book

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Teacher's Guide

Teacher's Guide

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