Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge Primary Science (2nd edition)

The Marshall Cavendish Cambridge Primary Science (2nd edition) series is designed to support teachers and learners following the 0097 curriculum framework. Active learning and inquiry are central in the series as it aims to develop critical and creative thinkers. The book is designed to hone young scientists who seek to make a difference with their knowledge and skills.  

Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge Primary Science (2nd edition) Series Architecture

  • Student’s Book Stage 1-6
  • Activity Book Stage 1-6
  • Teacher’s Guide Stage 1-6
  • eBook

*We are working with Cambridge Assessment International Education towards endorsement of these titles*

Student’s Book

The Student’s Book is to hone young scientists who are aware of the science in the world around them and seek to make a difference with their knowledge and skills. Concepts are explained in a clear and concise manner, with colourful visuals to make learning accessible and engaging.  



Well-designed hands-on, collaborative activities to ensure the development of the 21st century skills. 


Well-crafted critical and creative thinking questions that are based on the Critical and Creative Thinking Framework.


Simple, easy-to-understand manner for learners whose English might not be their first language, and offers relatability with Asian contexts.


Activity Book

The Activity Book is intended to provide additional practice and reinforcement of key scientific concepts and skills taught in the student’s book. The Word Whizz feature serves to hone scientific literacy in simple and easy to understand English to support learners through their learning journey. 

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Each chapter contains engaging hands-on and interactive activities where learners explore, investigate, predict, and analyse, developing their skills in 'Thinking and Working Scientifically'. 

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Formative questions of different levels, ranging from simple recall questions to more complex questions with real-life science in context are included. 

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Reviews with questions to check and monitor the learner’s progress are included.


Teacher’s Guide

The Teacher's Guide provides teaching ideas, flexible and creative lesson plans, and well-crafted questions to conduct engaging lessons. It provides language support for teachers whom English may not be their first language, with simple, concise instructions that are easy-to-understand.


Provide solutions that fits the growth of every learner through differentiated activities.  


Empowers teachers to conduct outstanding in-class and online lessons with rich teacher’s resources. 


Encourages home-to-school partnership with ideas for parents to support and reinforce the learner’s learning at home.


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Product ISBNs:


Student’s Book

Stage 1 ISBN: 9789814971690
Stage 2 ISBN: 9789814971720
Stage 3 ISBN: 9789814971751
Stage 4 ISBN: 9789814971782
Stage 5 ISBN: 9789814971812
Stage 6 ISBN: 9789814971843

cambridge-international-examination-primary-science- activity-book-cover

Activity Book

Stage 1 ISBN: 9789814971706
Stage 2 ISBN: 9789814971737
Stage 3 ISBN: 9789814971768
Stage 4 ISBN: 9789814971799
Stage 5 ISBN: 9789814971829
Stage 6 ISBN: 9789814971850

cambridge-international-examination-primary-science- teacher-guide-cover

Teacher's Guide

Stage 1 ISBN: 9789814971713
Stage 2 ISBN: 
Stage 3 ISBN: 
Stage 4 ISBN:
Stage 5 ISBN: 
Stage 6 ISBN: 


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