Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge IGCSE™ Technology
ICT (Information & Communication Technology) & CS (Computer Science) Series

The Marshall Cavendish Cambridge IGCSE™ Technology [ICT & Computer Science] series promotes visual learning and delivers an engaging learning experience. Difficult concepts are scaffolded and broken down into bite-sized for easy understanding. To nurture a 21st century problem solver, this series includes scenario-based problems and situations for learners to apply scientific and technological concepts in real life.

Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge IGCSE™ Technology (ICT & Computer Science) Series Architecture

  • Student’s Book
  • Workbook
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • eBook

Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge IGCSE™ Technology series


Supports the full Cambridge IGCSE and IGCSE (9-1) ICT syllabuses (0417/0983) for examination from 2023. Supports the full Cambridge, IGCSE (9-1) and O Level Computer Science syllabuses (0478/0984) and for examination from 2023


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Student's Book

The student’s book encourages active and inquiry-based learning through hands-on activities and discussions. It builds on digital literacy and relevant skills to embrace the rapidly changing technological landscape and become
future thinkers and problem solvers.


Uses engaging chapter openers with friendly and concise language, and colourful illustrations and infographics to simplify learning and encourage joyful learning.


Mind maps are used to help learners to better understand new concepts and complex ideas.


Promotes visual learning through the use of multicultural infographics and illustrations that are internationally relevant.




The workbook follows the same flow and structure as the student book and provides supplementary exercises to reinforce concepts learnt during lessons. Exam-style questions are also included for learners to prepare them for assessment and a revision checklist at the end helps learners assess their level of understanding of concepts.


Exam-style questions that mirror those that are found in past year exam papers to provide students adequate exposure and to gain confidence in exam preparation and readiness. 


A list of learning outcomes for students to check on their learning progress to reflect on and evaluate understanding. 


Supplementary practice for students to consolidate their understanding and revision of concepts.



Teacher's Guide

The teacher’s guide contains step-by-step lesson plans to support teachers. The lesson plans include suggestions for classroom activities and discussions, including warm up, challenge and support for differentiated instructions and wrap-up activities.


A matrix showing how the learning objectives from the syllabus are being mapped to the student’s book and workbook.


Provide examples to support teachers in delivering differentiated instructions to better facilitate lesson in class and at home. 


Digital resources, editable powerpoint slides, answer key, source files and more are included to support delivery of the lesson.



Digital Resources



  • Enhanced eBooks (Annotatable)
  • Full Solutions* for Student's Book and Workbooks
  • Source files with instructions*
  • Coding instructions*
   *These resources have not been through Cambridge International endorsement process.


  • Editable Resources:
    1. Scheme of Work*
    2. Lesson Plans
    3. PowerPoint Slides*

    *These resources have not been through Cambridge International endorsement process.


IGCSE Computer Science Suite



Embark learners on an engaging and fulfilling digital learning experience to achieve mastery in concepts and delve deeper through real life applications. Catered for blended learning approach.

*These resources have not been through Cambridge International endorsement process.



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Product ISBNs:



Student’s Book

Computer Science –
ISBN: 9789814941594

Information Communication Technology –
ISBN:  9789814941563 


Computer Science –
ISBN: 9789814941600 

Information Communication Technology –
ISBN:  9789814941570 



Teacher's Guide

Computer Science –

Information Communication Technology –

IGCSE Computer Science Suite

ISBN: 9781099109805

*These resources have not been through Cambridge International endorsement process.


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