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Professional Development

Teachers are learners too.
It is with continuous improvement that mindsets are changed,
knowledge is constructed and the capacity to learn is enhanced.

While attaining content knowledge is important and necessary, it alone cannot determine the educators’ teaching efficacies or the students’ learning abilities. That is why at Marshall Cavendish Institute, our teacher professional development wing, we give teachers the support they need to become more effective educators. When educators engage in continuous learning and skills upgrade, they are able develop as professionals and take responsibility for their learning to succeed as an educator to inspire their students.

Our expert academic teams constantly engage in educational research to develop comprehensive, research-based teacher education programmes for teachers looking to improve their classroom practice. These programmes combine theory and hands-on practice so that educators can effectively apply strategies to improve their students’ achievements.

Having garnered positive results from efficacy studies conducted through various partnerships with ministries, our programmes have been proven to make a vast difference in teacher productivity.

Our key courses include:

  • MAP323 Developing an Assessment Programme for Primary Mathematics
  • MAP331 Leading Lesson Studying Primary Mathematics
  • MAS114 Differentiated Instruction in Secondary Mathematics
  • ICT for Meaningful Teaching and Learning in Science

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