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We have partnered with education trainers and experts in Singapore and around the world to curate close to 200 MasterClasses for educators teaching in Pre to K12 levels. The MCE MasterClasses are LIVE and on-demand for 1 to 3 hours long which are available to access on MCEduHub for Professional Development. 

Our MasterClasses are designed suitable for Pre to K12 educators and comes with two development pathways, Leadership and Specialist.

number one  A platform to share best practices               number two  Hands-on activities and interaction               number three  Implementable classroom strategies       number four  Over 200 MasterClasses across 7 popular educational topics
number one A platform to share best practices      
number two Hands-on activities and interaction       
number three Implementable classroom strategies       
number four Over 200 MasterClasses across 7 popular educational topics

Leadership Development Pathway

MCE's leadership development programme aims to enhance your competencies to be an educational visionary, instructional leader, organisational leader, or even a community builder.

School Leadership

Balanced Scorecard for Schools
The Balanced Scorecard for Schools

Specialist Development Pathway

MCE’s specialist programmes offer cutting edge training content and pedagogical strategies to advance your skill sets. We have MasterClasses for core subjects (Language, Maths, Science), STEM and Digital Literacy, across Pre to K12 teaching levels.




Skills Development Pathway

MCE’s curated selection of skills development courses are specially developed for educators who aim to acquire vital knowledge and skills throughout their professional journey.  

Social Skills

Anger Management

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Development

Our Credit Redemption Process

Our MasterClass LIVE on MCEduHub for Professional Development (PD) portal can be purchased by subscribing to our credit redemption programme. The credits can be purchased as an individual subscriber or as a group.

What will you be able to redeem with your credits?
1) Self-Paced Courses
2) MasterClass LIVE
3) Professional Development Resources such as eBooks

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