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Not enough time versus too much information – we understand the struggle. What if we could make this easier for you,
whether you are an educator, student or parent? With our proven pedagogies for successful learning, our AI-driven
digital learning solutions and our full-suite, certified courses for professional development,
and learning needs in one place.

We make Learning Simplified to Achieve the Success You Want.

MCE’s Cambridge Series – Beyond Basics, Reset Education (1)


    Education Content1

    Designed based on Proven Pedagogies such as the CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) model and written by renowned education experts. Developed with a deep understanding of students’ and teachers’ needs .


    Education Content2

    Encourages mastery of concepts with assessment books to supplement learning at home.


    Education Content3

    Enables engaging learning beyond the textbook with 'Watch icon' featured in books that allows students to launch multimedia content.


    Central Portal

    Accessed via a central portal, the MCEduHub features thousands of teaching and learning resources including the Maths Digital Suite which complements the Maths Series for Primary level and annotatable eBooks for students and teachers to support hybrid learning.


    Downloadable Apps

    Downloadable apps that supplement lessons are available for key Maths series such as MPaH! Maths, MCE Cambridge Primary and MCE Cambridge IGCSE™ series.


    Innovate digital solutions

    We constantly innovate on our digital solutions by partnering with top EdTech companies to incorporate AI into our Maths series such as Maths Ahead and MCE Cambridge IGCSE™ Mathematics.


    24-7 Professional

    MCEduHub for Professional Development is a first-of-its-kind 24/7 professional development portal designed for specifically for educators. There are three course categories available: Leadership, Skills and Specialist.

    Certified courses

    Certified courses are designed by MCE and our acclaimed university partners in Singapore and around the world.


    MasterClassess and Webinars are conducted to train teachers on the use of MCE pedagogy and resources.

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mce maths student journey

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