Marshall Cavendish Education Rebrands To Bring Back The Joy Of Learning in Today's Complex World

As students and teachers adapt to a new world of education, MCE aims to simplify the way of learning in both physical and virtual classrooms

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16 March 2022 – Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE), a global education solutions provider for Pre-K to 12, today presents a new brand identity that aims to bring back the joy of learning by simplifying the learning experiences for educators and students.

COVID-19 has brought upon a whole new world of heightened expectations for educators and students to do more and better. With this brand refresh, MCE wants to make learning and teaching resources more approachable and accessible, suitable to be used in different geographical and language backgrounds.

“This is a crucial time for both students and educators who are still adapting to changes imposed by the pandemic. We see schools worldwide picking up new ways of teaching, and students have had to realign the way they learn.

With the new inspiriting brand identity, we want to continue creating quality learning and teaching content that are designed based on proven pedagogies, meet the needs of in-person and virtual learning, and more importantly to nurture the joy of learning in learners”, said Yeoh Cheng Poh, Head of Education, MCE.

Having been in the industry for over 60 years, and their resources used in over 85 countries, MCE has experienced waves of changes in education, influenced by the evolution of technology, and recently, the pandemic.

MCE’s website now displays a new and modern interface, with streamlined content – dedicated pages for educators and every education level, encompassing resources that are more distinguishable and insightful. The corporate logo has been updated with a more distinctive wordmark and a speech bubble-like form to represent MCE’s communication-centric approach.

MCE’s popular series such as the Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge Primary and IGCSE™, and the My Pals are Here! series are complemented with lucid print and digital content suitable for blended learning. The learning materials from MCE are engaging and align with different curriculum frameworks such as those from the United Kingdom, United States of America, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and other local curricula.

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The MCEduHub, launched in 2019 and adopted by schools globally, is a digital learning hub comprising streamlined learning and teaching materials, including programmes and courses for the development of students and educators. In alignment with the new brand identity, the MCEduHub logo and website also underwent a refresh to personalise the learning experience and make resources more accessible.

“This is the right time for a change in how we learn. Complexity in the way students learn has been exacerbated by COVID-19 – simplicity is becoming lost in our classrooms and students are losing interest and not learning effectively. MCE has always been listening to our feedback at every stage and constantly improves their learning content to avoid confusion and promote simplified learning without neglecting the students’ learning outcomes”, said Augita Silvania Putri, Primary Maths Teacher, SD Islam Al Azhar 35 Surabaya, Indonesia.

“The school has decided to adopt MCE learning materials because of how simple and easy it is to adopt them, and it provides clear explanation for teachers on how we can best use the materials. MCEduHub has also been a great digital learning hub for us to transition from physical to virtual learning. I can easily pull out an MCE e-Book to continue from where we left off during pre-pandemic days.”

“As an educator, I continuously strive to keep my lesson plans interactive, fun, and more importantly, easy to understand. MCEduHub enables me to manage my classrooms virtually and personalise the way I teach each of my students. I can review their work individually and track progress live to identify improvement requirements. They also enjoy being able to take and review notes all on a single platform”, said Urish Wynton, Head of Department (Mathematics and Science), Wesley Methodist School Penang (International), Malaysia. “Since using MCEduHub, I’ve observed that my students have significantly shown more interest in learning than before. I look forward to fully utilising the platform as we continue to evolve in the way we teach and learn digitally.”

“Being resourceful is vital for professional development in the education sector. MCEduHub for Professional Development not only provides quality and engaging learning resources that I can tap on as an an educational leader, but it also offers programmes and courses hosted by world renowned education institutes. I really appreciate that their professional development programmes help educators to develop relevant skills to progress in today’s complex learning environment”, shared Dr. Hunada Kanbar, Chief Learning Officer, Sharjah Education Academy SEA UAE.

“The school has decided to adopt MCE learning materials because of how simple and easy it is to adopt them, and it provides clear explanation for teachers on how we can best use the materials. MCEduHub has also been a great digital learning hub for us to transition from physical  to virtual learning. I can easily pull out an MCE e-Book to continue from where we left off during pre-pandemic days.”

“Our students have been learning from home for the past 2 years ever since COVID-19 hit, and learning virtually has never been more challenging for teachers to manage and students to focus. I am appreciative that MCE removes the complexity in learning – their learning materials are well structured with bite-sized and visually attractive content that are digestible and easy to comprehend. It also supports teachers with step-by-step guide and teaching ideas to assist in making virtual class management more effective”, shared Angel V. Corbillon, GS MATH Subject Area Coordinator, De La Salle Santiago Zobel School, Philippines.

“Despite initially grappling with the shift over to online learning when the pandemic began, our adoption of both MCE’s print and digital resources has paved the way for a smoother learning journey for our students. The digital learning resources available on MCEduHub supplement each lesson and offer our students a more immersive and interactive learning experience. MCE’s learning resources are not only designed to be enjoyable for students to use, but they have also been helpful for educators to reinforce the lesson takeaways and improve lesson retention”, observed Jayr Wachiravit Karuensatit, Assistant Deputy Managing Director, Thai-Singapore International School (TSIS), Thailand.

“MCE has been a trusted partner for the past two years, and it is refreshing to see this new, vibrant and modern rebrand. Their materials are designed with great consideration to how young learners pick up new knowledge and skills. Their books are easy to read, relatable and comes with beautiful and engaging illustrations and visuals to excite our pre-school learners”, shared Chen Ying, Deputy Director, Curriculum & Training, MindChamps PreSchool, Singapore.

With the new brand identity, MCE will also be launching a CSR initiative this year where books will be donated to children in rural communities supported by World Vision International.


About Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE)

Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE) is a global education solutions provider dedicated to nurturing the joy of learning and preparing students for the future. We believe the best way to do so is by simplifying learning and listening to the needs of schools, teachers, students, and parents. MCE makes world-class educational content more accessible through a seamless experience that integrates both print and digital resources. We provide holistic and end-to-end solutions customised to the school's requirements, with professional development to help educators implement the curriculum. We’ve worked with ministries, policymakers, educators, and parents in over 85 countries, designing education solutions in 14 languages for Pre-K to 12. MCE is the only Asia-based publisher that is an endorsement partner of Cambridge Assessment International Education.

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