MCE Maths - Powerful, meaningful learning
made simple and joyful

Marshall Cavendish Education’s Mathematics series offers a unique combination of Singapore’s tried and tested
methodologies embodied in high-quality resources that support the curriculum framework of more than 85
countries. It also includes a range of supporting resources, customisable for both online and face-to-face
learning, to consistently deliver outstanding learning and teaching experiences

MCE’s Cambridge Series – Beyond Basics, Reset Education (1)


Why MCE Maths?

With a host of Maths options at your fingertips, our solutions offer:

High quality
educational content,
developed by
Singapore’s leading
experts and catered to
international standards

An ecosystem that
supports the
instructional model of
deep learning

Opportunities to hone
problem-solving skills
through a variety of
real-life contexts

Collaborative and
active learning

Use of powerful visual
models to facilitate
learning and teaching

Mastery through
variation, beyond

MCE Maths

Our materials are thoughtfully
crafted for Pre-K to Grade 12
students on their learning journey

Discover how
our selection of
titles suit each
educational level

Suggested MCE series to support
learners from Grade K to 11 following
the Cambridge International

How To Choose the Right Series?

Choose the right series from our selection of quality Primary and Secondary materials, depending on your curriculum needs.

Our Popular Primary Titles

maths 1

Our latest edition offers its first
kindergarten programme, focusing on
a progression to mastery and
a seamless transition following the
kindergarten level.


The series is designed to support
educators and learners following the
0845/0096 curriculum framework


Aligned to the latest syllabus,
this edition instils the joy of learning
through pedagogically strong content
and activities that help learners
achieve success.

Our Popular Secondary Titles

maths 4

The series is designed for learners
preparing for the Cambridge Lower
Secondary Mathematics 0862 syllabuses

maths 5

This series builds on learners’ understanding>
of Maths concepts gained in
earlier grades to ensure a smooth
progression in their learning journey.

maths 6

TThe title helps learners develop thinking,
reasoning, meta-cognitive and
problem-solving skills required for
higher Maths studies

Our Popular Digital Resources

book 6

Hone students’ problem solving and
critical thinking skills through story-based
interactive animations

maths 7

Gain mastery of complex Maths
concepts on this comprehensive
digital platform.

maths 8

Build confidence and stay
motivated to independently master
Mathematical concepts.

maths 10

Learn as you play with our
mini games that incorporate Mathematical
concepts such as fractions, ratio,
addition and more

maths 9

Use interactive tools that prompt
exploration and help build a solid
conceptual understanding of
Mathematical concepts

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Our Impact

MCE has worked with ministries,
policymakers, educators and
parents in over 85 countries to
design education solutions in 14
languages for Pre-K to Grade 12.

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